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time after time

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my otp



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Calzona speculations for 10x15 


I think they will be in the new house and Arizona will fall down the steps (Hence needing a stunt double) then when they go to get her checked out, she is told that her AND THE BABY are fine. I feel like she’s been pregnant the whole time since all they said was that they couldn’t find a heartbeat (it could’ve been too early) which would then go with the spoiler to episode 16 saying how it’s about big transitions in their lives. What’s bigger then finding out your pregnant?! Just my thoughts, I could be going out on a limb there. Let me know what you think.

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Look what I found on Twitter. It’s from someone who has worked with Jessica Capshaw. 

What could be so shocking that Arizona (Jessica) flats out against the back wall and goes into a dazed state?????

I don’t know which episode this is but I think it might be from the sides 10x15?

WHY is February 27th so far away?

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